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Grenada Mission Trip 2024 Summary

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In May 2024, Dr. Griffin, Dr. Karle, and Dr. Stack completed a medical eye care mission to Grenada, providing much-needed ocular and optical care to 850 patients. Dr. Karle and Dr. Stack run the annual trip through a combined effort with local and international Rotary clubs (Littleton Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Grenada East and of Grenada), regional and national Lions Clubs, and the VOSH organization. 

2024 is the 22nd year of the trip. It is also the 2nd year with Dr. Stack and Dr. Karle are joined by Dr. Griffin, who provides medical eye expertise alongside her husband, Tom Kwiatkowski. The team was joined by four other optometrists and eight third-year optometry students from SUNY College of Optometry.

The trip provided over 1300 pairs of glasses, 1900 bottles of glaucoma, countless dry eye and allergy drops, and over 2000 pairs of sunglasses to many in-need patients. The total monetary donation for the trip was almost 400,000 dollars. All patients were given dilated eye exams and treated for many eye conditions they could not otherwise afford. 

A huge thanks to all those who provided support–near and far–including the Rotary Club of Grenada East, Littleton Rotary Club, VOSH-ONE, VOSH-Santa Cruz, Rotary Club of Grenada, Lions Clubs of Littleton, Lisbon, and Roanoke, and of course, Littleton Eye Care Center. 

Written by Dr. Sam Stack

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